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Enabling Customer Relationships with Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Submitted by:
Sachin Saxena
Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited (MTS)
Submitted on:
30 Apr, 2012
Organizational Impact Award
Products Used:
Data Flow, Doc1, E2 Vault, e2AM
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Customer Account on Mobile Application

Company Profile

About MTS India

MTS India is an Indian subdivision of Russian Mobile TeleSystems telecommunication company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It provides wireless voice, broadband Internet, messaging and data services in India. MTS India is a subsidiary of Russian conglomerate Sistema and operates across India with over 16 million customers.

Introduction/Executive Summary

MTS launched EVDO Rev, a based high-speed mobile broadband service, MBlaze, in November 2009 and has seen tremendous market acceptance with over 5,00,000 customers in a short span of time. MTS also provides MBrowse which is CDMA-1x technology based internet service. According to Vsevolod Rozanov, President & CEO, MTS India, “With a view to enhance customer experience, MTS has prepared a blue print to take the mobile broadband usage in the country to the next level. In a phased manner, MTS will be launching seamless HSD services across some of the busiest highways in the country.”

Indian National Broadband Plan envisages provision of 160 million broadband connections including 60 million wireless broadband connections by the year 2014. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for the growth and proliferation of High Speed Mobile Broadband services in the country.

Business Challenge

Challenge: to provide better customer services for differentiating in competitive indian telecom market

To position MTS as a prime player in the market, MTS had to differentiate its services from the incumbents in a radical manner.

In 2010, MTS sought Pitney Bowes Software for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution that will address the following objectives:

According to Sachin Saxena, Head – CRM Division, MTS, “To execute the strategic vision of the management, MTS wanted to partner with a world class solution provider. This will enable MTS to provide a world class customer services. Only world class service will enable a wider adoption of MTS services in the marketplace” as MTS is STEP AHEAD in the competition as well. “We want to differentiate in the marketplace by providing a service equally to both post-paid as well as pre-paid subscribers.”

Furthermore, the then current system of issuing bills was a complex process involving many manual procedures. It usually required several days to produce a batch of bills, which meant high costs and long hours for workers processing the bills. The complexity of the billing system meant that segmentation was also virtually impossible. Subsequently, MTS could not present individual high-end business customers with a bill that would suit their needs.

During the review process, MTS discovered that it might just have set the original bar too low. Lai explains, “We began by considering changes to the paper bills, but in looking at Pitney Bowes Software’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution, we found that we could move into e-billing applications that would lower our costs and could also better satisfy the requirements of some of our business customers. At the same time, in terms of customer segmentation, we could get more specific. That in turn allowed us to customize the bills and even do individualized sales.”

MTS India chose to implement the CCM solution by Pitney Bowes Software not only because the plan was stable and had high operability, but more importantly, because the plan offered a greater number of billing functions and allowed the company to provide better customer service. “Although setting up an integrated billing system was originally done in the interest of improving the quality of customer service, we wanted to cut even farther to the bottom of things,” said Sachin Saxena.

Solution Description


Currently, MTS India uses following modules from the CCM plan:

The CCM solution is very flexible to integrate with the company’s FORIS and Telecompass system due to the strong data handling functions of Data Flow, which has the capacity to handle documents with data in various formats, while the E2 module connects seamlessly to the call center system.

The billing system currently implemented begins with the Data Flow module obtaining business data from MTS India’s FORIS system. This module obtains, combines, separates, filters and validates the data. The DOC1 application is then able to obtain, assemble and separate data. Next, the data is integrated into a bill and feeds receipt data back into the Oracle database for use when required, while automatically outputting file copies in an appropriate format. After the bill is complete, the system can output customer bills on various printers and send the data to the E2 Vault for storage. The bill is also available to the customer from e2AM.

Results Achieved


Following implementation of the Pitney Bowes Software CCM solution, MTS’s integrated billing system went into full operation in Oct 2011. The immediate benefits have been numerous with enhanced bill presentment allowing for the following:

A future goal for MTS India will focus on adding e-messaging using Pitney Bowes Software. Sachin explains, “For our business, we will realize revenue faster if we send the bill faster across to the customer. For sending the bill to the customer in a pdf format over email is the fastest way. Also, there are additional cost savings that can be made through e-messaging.”